Telescope Repair & Upgrade Service

Repair and Upgrade Services for Meade LX200 GPS/R/ACF Telescopes

Meade LX850 Mounts



Telescope Repairs All makes and models/Tuneups/Up-Grades and Technical Support


 Updated New style 2017 Model Replacement Optical Encoders on both RA and DEC drives for better tracking and GoTo's 
 Adjustment of both RA and DEC worm drives to eliminate backlash
 Degrease and cleaning of both RA and DEC worm drive Main Gears  
 Upgraded "CnC Machined" Meademods clutch lock knob
 Upgraded "Machined Original Rear Cell Adapter" to allow more light to CCD chip for Imaging and better contrast when using eyepieces.
 Upgrade Focuser with thrust bearings for finer focusing
 Authorized Dealer/sales and Installation of all Peterson Engineering upgrades
 Optics and corrector plate Cleaning (Only If needed)
 Orthogonal Adjustments- Making sure the OTA is square with the forks
 and minor machine work.
 Check for ASU Updates on all Meade LX200/R/ACF/LX850/LX600/LX90 and ETX Telescopes


Meade LX850 Mount repairs Mods and upgrades. 

 Please contact me for Pricing of Services and Availability of parts.
 All scope must be Shipped and Insured by owner and are Subject to full inspection of functionality
 and condition before any work is done. 
 Local Delivery and Pickups accepted.

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